Wednesday, April 9, 2014

If Its Thursday I Must Be Birding #21


Another day that was devoted to getting stuff done around the house... That was until Capt'n Bob called.  He was most persuasive in getting me to go birding instead of completing my tasks. He said: " I heard there's some good birds at Hempstead Lake, wanna meet me there? " A fiendishly manipulative bastard.

On my way there I spotted an Osprey over the lake before I got out the exit. YB1. I met Bob in the lot and we began by scanning the ducks in the creek. Mallards, Gadwall, and Green-wing Teal were present, but we could not find a diagonal teal [ the hybrid ].

There were Phoebes all over the place though and making their presence obvious by chasing each other around. YB2. We crossed paths with Ed Thrasher, and he clued us into stuff he had seen earlier in the day. Unfortunately the Pine Warblers and other birds were not around in the time we had allotted,  so we made a quick stop at Massapequa to get Capt'n Bob a look at the cooperative Screech Owl.

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