Monday, April 28, 2014

I Got The Blues, But then Again I Also Got A Great Set Of Pecs


The last time I had the opportunity to try for Blue-winged Teals, it was raining really hard. I went to Miller's Pond in Smithtown, and even though I was able to scope the whole body of water from within the car, all I got was wet. Yes, the rain was actually falling angled into the car.

Today after hearing that they were still present, Capt'n Bob and I made a late morning trip. We arrived at the filled lot to find it was a popular spot for people to pull into so they could talk on their phones. We squeezed in to a spot, and then got out to scan the lake.

It took a while but after a few passes, the Blue-winged Teals literally flew into my field of view as I was panning the scope. Their nominate blue wings caught my eye. Nice.

After satisfying views we headed off to Sunken Meadow park for the reported Pectoral Sandpipers.  They were frustratingly distant on the mud flats; other vantage points were not able to get any, let alone a better view. I got scratched by briars for my trouble, but did manage a Snipe.

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