Sunday, March 23, 2014

If Its Thursday I Must Be Birding #20


The March doldrums. Oh, yay.

The sun is stronger, and so is the wind. At least the sun is lifting out from being perpetually in the eyes, though it also appears that the birds are busy packing for a trip rather than making themselves obvious.

Garouse and I made another foray out east. It seems that Elvis has left the building, and took the birds with him. We braved the wind to look at gulls, but to no avail.  He, being more heart set on getting Black-headed Gull, spent the previous day up in Connecticut. Also without success.

Today, together, we fared no better. Groan. We did some exploring though, and found some places that might prove productive on occasions where birds are actually present.

On the way back, we stopped at Shinecock. The highlight is we finally saw a Gannet! YB1. They hve also been curiously absent. Boy, I can’t wait for migration....

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