Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Goosing, on a Sunday Afternoon


On the road yesterday, the conversation touched on many things, including places desired to visit, and birds of the year desired to get. Garouse mentioned having dipped on Greater White-fronted Goose and wanting to find one, while I mentioned that I still need Ross's Goose.

Wouldn't you know it, we arrived home to receive reports of an impressive slew of 8 geese species out east. Amongst them were the two species sought, and D Ro aka 'Goose Man' unsatisfied with having had 'a' Pink-footed Goose (his declared favorite) found an unprecedented second bird!

I made my way to the Buffalo Farm in the am, and scanned longingly for the blackbird that I have continually missed. I'm sure it's gone, but what the heck, I was there anyway... Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds and Cowbirds, and lots of geese landing in the field across the way. I made my way down Reeves avenue, and stopped at a vantage to scan for the geese.

It didn't take long to find a single white bird even in a flock of 1000's of brown birds. YB1.  But the field was huge, and the birds were far away! It appeared that the Ross's Goose was closer to the vineyard on the other side and there were others scanning from there, so I gave it a shot. Who did I meet but Bilrick, Andy and Jennifer from NJ. Bilrick was certain of the ID as were everyone else, but truly, I wish the bird was closer for a better look. I got a look through the new Swaro 95mm scope, because someone Welshed on a scope. Yes I got a better view of the goose, but as envious as I was of the monstrous scope, after the shock of the reported cost, my rapid conclusion was that any benefit was not worth the exorbitant cost. Humility dictates however, that should anyone feel it necessary to donate one to me so that I might further evaluate it's wonders,  I would of course oblige.

Even digiscoping has its limits - Ross's Goose

I made a post of the sightings, and folks started arriving. Garous and D Ro called to tell me they were on the way and wanted updates. With the birds moving around, we eventually ended up where I had started on Reeve Avenue. Both Pink-footed were found though at opposite ends of the flock, as well as the Greater White-fronted for Garous. And I thought that the birding activity was slowing down!


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