Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Prospects

Sometimes, it seems like Brooklyn gets all the good birds. Of course, sometimes the good birds they get are actually in Queens, but hey, its all good.

Now that the Red and White-winged Crossbills and even Common Redpoll had been seen, how good is an Evening Grosbeak coming to a feeder station in Prospect Park? I had to find out. And it would be a lifer for Bob too.

The plan was to find this bird and then try for the elusive Virginia's Warbler in Alley. Arriving at the bridge overlooking the Audubon house, we ran into Rob Bate, wo pointed out an immature White-crowned Sparrow below us in the 'falls'.

Rob also told us that he had not seen the Grosbeak there, though had seen it at the feeders, which he obligingly led us to. It was rife with Goldfinch and Siskins, as well as a lot of the more expected species.

But we had to wait a while, and it was worth it. The female / imm Grosbeak arrived and we were happy to see it, even if it meant a way too rapid drive to try to get to work on time, and no time to even consider Alley...

Will we ever find that warbler?

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