Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Saturday @ Kissena...

With reports of Grasshopper Sparrow at Prospect and now Kissena, I went looking after work on Saturday 11-17. The 'Corridor' was over run with Sparrows!! Of course this makes picking through them a bit of a challenge, but it was interesting to see so many junkies. 

In the mix were a few chippies, and then a bird that was not quite right: a Clay-colored! Nice! And even nicer was a plethora of Fox Sparrows; easily 40 or so. I tried to see if I could make one into a Slaty Fox Sparrow, seeing how there were so many, but could not. 

Clay-colored Sparrow -- Note: eye-stripe does NOT go from eye to bill, only from eye back
While walking the trails the sunlight was just perfect hitting the family of Bluebirds, making for a delightful sight.

Finally, had a Tree Sparrow, adding this bird to my year list before heading home.

On the way stopped in at Caumsett STPK. Neither of the goodies previously reported there were in evidence, but had a nice flock of Pipets .

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