Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Weekend, { or Weakened } Oportunities


Its winter. It snows.

This year it has been snowing a whole lot more than usual. This really puts a crimp in the ability to bird, so sometimes you squeeze in what you can. Lousy forecasts made for a slow beginning to the day and encourage doing chores, but a fortuitous post informed me of two birds that were high on my list, especially since they have eluded me several times.

The beach restoration has been upsetting to the otherwise resident and 'reliable' Harlequin Ducks. In keeping with the theme of this year's efforts, many birds including these have required repeat efforts. Recently however, they were found further west along the groins of Long Beach. Not wanting to spend an inordinate amount of time again tracking them down in unfamiliar territory, I was ever so happy that the email stating they had returned to Point Lookout, and they were with Purple Sandpipers as well!

I threw on my boots and grabbed my optics and headed over. The parking lot of the town beach was essentially un-plowed save one path, meaning it would be a slightly longer walk. The Harlies were there! Reliability is something anyone can appreciate.

But the Sand Purples were not. I checked all the jetties before the snow and rain began, and then headed home 50% victorious. YB1

Harlequins on the rocks. Ahhh.

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