Monday, May 6, 2013

If Its Thursday I Must Be Birding #16

How crazy is a breeding plumaged Smith's Longspur showing up in April? I had things to do on Tuesday, even though theoretically I could have gone up to try for it id decided to wait til Thursday. The bird found Sunday was relocated Monday and Tuesday [ groan ] but not Wednesday. Nor Thursday for that matter. Thankfully I made the right decision not to chase it on Thursday. Oh Thor, why hast thou forsaken me? Tiw, you have my attention.

Thursday I went to Southards Pond where the sum total of migrants was two Yellow Warblers, a Myrtle Warbler, and a Red-eyed Vireo, the last of which at least, was a year bird for YB 205.

I returned home to do some chores and car maintenance, when I was alerted by Derek Rogers that a Prothonotary had been found by re-beginning birder Pat Palladino. { He used to bird, and has recently gotten back into it, apparently with a vengeance! }

I cleaned up, and made my way over there, trying to interpret the directions given. Derek phoned that he had to depart and that it had not been relocated. I walked around and came upon Bobby Kurtz and John Gluth, who did not have favorable news, so I walked towards one of te kettle ponds to see if i could get lucky.

With time passing, I had to head into Uniondale for a pre-conference visit of the hotel where the New York Birders Conference will be held in November 1-3.

While there I got a call from Bobby that the bird had been relocated, and afterthe meeting Pat Aitken and I went to find it. We walked in and I headed back to the same spot I was before and there in a fallen tree was the Protho! YB 206

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