Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Don't Like Mondays

So I'm sitting in the office and an email comes through that a Yellow-throated Warbler had been found at Hempstead Lake stpk.I called Earic, who went and got the bird.

As I understand it a lot of folks saw it and enjoyed it. And then I left the office and made tracks to get there before the sun went down. Well the sun went down w/o my finding the bird. I did find my year Pine Warbler though.

The next day I went there nice and early and looked around for quite some time. and then some people showed up. And then some more. Despite all the eyes and ears no Yellow-throated. Groan.

Time passed without the object of my affliction, and I had to prepare to go to work so I departed. The day was not a total loss though, as I added Rublet to my year list for # 174.

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