Monday, March 25, 2013

Take t-Hoo, Hoo

Capt'n Bob decided that he needed to go to Florida for some reason, but he had returned and was desirous of a Fieldfare. I was desirous of a decent photo. The reports from Saturday had many success stories, so we decided to meet Sunday March 24 at 6 am. 

Earic had inquired about planning, but he decided to go with Jeff Critter, and they would be departing at 3 am. Having seen the bird already, that was way too early for me. So he and Jeff went up, while me and Bob left later. 

That night I got a text from Jean LeConte Sparrow that Karlo Mirth had discovered a Long-eared Owl in Forest park! I called Bob to let him know and of the possible altering of plans.

With a dreadfully long wait before either Jean or Karlo got back to me, I eventually was given the exact location and called Bob to meet at Forest instead of Mickey Deez. But at 6 am it is still dark, and we had to wait 45 min before there was ample light. 

Once that was present I started gingerly looking in the trees, and just as Karlo promised, there was the bird.

Bad phone picture of Long-eared Owl
Having seen the bird and not wanting to disturb it with more photos, we made haste to head up to Massachusetts. En route I called Derek to let him know, and later on called Earic as well. But Earic reported that as of 9:30 the Fieldfare had not shown. 

We arrived to a throng of birders, and the local constabulary placing traffic cones out to prevent parking where forbidden. A beautiful day 
was had, though sadly devoid of birds. The flocks of Robins and Blackbirds that were all about the other day had seemed to have moved on. 

At lunch time, Earic and Jeff decided to call it a day and try for the LEO, while Bob and I stayed a bit longer. No dice, the bird never showed as far as anyone can tell...

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