Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are Wednesdays Better, Or Must I Just Accept Getting Up Early?

I was not happy about missing the Ross' Goose yesterday. In fact I had pretty much made up my mind that I would try for it this morning. I asked Derek his opinion, in which he concurred, and gave a call to Earic to see how he and Gary had done.

Earic didn't get back to me until after 11pm, but as suspected they hung around and got the goose around 5pm as it returned to roost. Zounds! This meant that as long as I got there early enough, I had a shot at finding the bird. I called Capt'n Bob, but he could not get away, or muster the enthusiasm to get up early enough to get out there by the time necessary.

I left at 6am, and headed east in the dark and fog. Fun. But I got there straight away and pulled up at about 7 to the vantage between two houses and set up my scope. Naked eye I found two Snow Geese and in the scope they were alone. Scanning left and right found nothing else. I moved to the other side of the house, and then to the other side of the house a bit further down the road. Here I found four more Snow Geese, three in blue form. But again no Ross'.

I began to scan again, when up walked birder Richard Kaskan. Then as if on cue, I spied a smaller white goose swimming in the open water in the center of the lake. It was largely obscured by the standing Canada Geese, but visible in pieces nevertheless. Yes! Ross was there and I could see his smaller bill and dark base without grin patch. I offered a view to Richard. What's better than walking up and having a target bird in someone's scope? I certainly have benefited from this on numerous occasions. It feels just as good to offer a scope view as it does to be offered one!

At one point, a sanitation truck began to back down the narrow road, and I had to  move my car to allow it to pass. As I walked back to Richard and my scope, I saw a resident walk over to him and make inquiry. I believe that residents are still curious and bemused by the attention this goose is drawing. And in an effort to maintain that neither one of us so much as stepped onto lawn at the edge of the pavement. 

It is important to show respect for private property. Sure, I would love to have been by the waters edge for a better view or perhaps a photo, but its more important to me { as I will presume to say that it should be to you as well}  that the public does not think of birders as selfish trespassing jerks. 

It did not happen this time, but in the past the curiosity of a homeowner turned into an invitation for a better look. That will not happen if you trespass first, and certainly that will ruin it for the birders that follow in search of the same birds. 

Conditions were poor so I didn't even try a photo, but it was a nice view with time to spare in departing for the office without panic.

Or so I thought. Much of the way had traffic moving as expected, and then there were all the stops. One after another there were miles long delays due to one accident after another. When will people learn that driving on someone's bumper is asking to get into an accident. 5 cars here, 3 cars there. LEAVE SOME ROOM DAMBIT! DO NOT TAILGATE!!

On the way in I contemplated calling Capt'n Bob, but resisted the temptation. Not too long later though, he called me to check in. He feigned congratulations quite admirably. My advice was for him to complete his chores and make it out there by days end so he could get the bird as Earic and Gary had done yesterday.

YB 142

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